Palm Beach County

2016-17 School Year
Enrollment: 192,729
In-School Suspensions: 7,034
Out-of-School Suspensions: 10,090
Expulsions with Continuing Education: 21
Expulsions without Continuing Education: 21
Corporal Punishment: 0
School-Related Arrests: 318
Youth in Foster Care

2015-16 School Year
Enrollment: 189,322
In-School Suspensions: 8,150
Out-of-School Suspensions: 10,327
Expulsions with Continuing Education: 26
Expulsions without Continuing Education: 26
Corporal Punishment: 0
School-Related Arrests: 337

2014-15 School Year
Enrollment: 186,605
In-School Suspensions: 8,858
Out-of-School Suspensions: 11,735
Expulsions with Continuing Education: No Data
Expulsions without Continuing Education: No Data
Corporal Punishment: 0
School-Related Arrests: 341

Code of Conduct
Multi-Tiered System of Supports
Court Education Liaison Program
Foster Care Liaison
Youth Court
Juvenile Alternative Sanctions
Juvenile Drug Court
Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
Student Progression Plan