Understanding Partnerships

School-justice partnerships are developed through a five step process. These steps require the collaborative efforts of conveners, facilitators, and stakeholders.

Who is the convener?

The convener is usually a family court judge.  The primary role of the convener is to identify key stakeholders, identify a facilitator, and to bring stakeholders together.

What does the facilitator do?

​The primary role of the facilitator is to engage the stakeholders in a fair and open discourse. It is important to identify common or collective interests during the development of the partnership.  The facilitator should be neutral.

Who are the stakeholders?

Stakeholders may include, but are not limited to: parents, youth, judges, court staff, school superintendents, law enforcement, Department of Juvenile Justice staff, Department of Children and Families staff, Guardians ad Litem, and any other individual with a vested interest in helping children.